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About Us - Premier Melon Company - Schoolcraft, Mi

We Grow, Pack and Ship the nation's highest quality watermelons

With our commitment to food safety Premier Melon is your connection between the field and the fork providing the best watermelons at the best prices.

Our facilities are 3rd party certified according to current food safety guidelines. 

…the best watermelons at the best prices…

All of our watermelons are washed and sanitized, then packed utilizing computerized sizing machines where every watermelon is weighed, separated and placed to ensure accurate packing per our customer's specs.

We take pride in the relationships that we've nurtured with our growers, transportation companies and our customers, which include retail, wholesale and food service companies.

Machinery preparing one of our hundreds of growers' fields.

Our suppliers grow thousands of acres of watermelons.

Watermelons ready to be harvested.

Watermelons washed, sanitized, sorted and ready to ship.



spPremier Melon Company, Inc.

Phone: (269) 679-3790
Fax: (269) 679-3796
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 537
Schoolcraft, MI 49087
Physical Address:
666 Angell St.
Schoolcraft, MI 49087

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